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img_0396Washington Township, NJ has been served by Mancini Monuments for over eight decades. During this time some of the township’s finest monuments have been forged for some of its wonderful citizens. Similar to a memorial, a monument is a structure or object which is dedicated to the life of someone who has passed on.  After losing someone important to us, we are left with an endless list of unanswered questions. Was he or she truly happy with life? How would he or she like to be remembered? How do I want the world to remember my family member? Questions like these are more than normal to experience in the aftermath of loss. It is when forging a monument for your friend or family member that you are given a chance to influence how they are to be remembered. This is not an easy burden to carry especially while simply trying to cope with loss. However, it is an extremely honorable burden to settle.

When it all comes down to out there are several different approaches to how you would like to forge a monument. Monuments are generally built out of either granite or bronze. The choice of granite is the industry standard based off of two factors. The first factor is how powerful granite is and the second factor is the accessibility to different colors. In fact granite is known to come in virtually every color that exists on the rainbow, with different shades available for further choosing. Bronze is generally chosen due to its vintage appearance. The other approaches exist as different types of monuments such as obelisks, monoliths, markers, headstones, plaques, mausoleums, cremation urns and many more.  Monuments are our specialty, call Mancini Monuments in Washington Township, NJ today.

Memorials In Washington Township, NJ

Mancini Monuments has served the people of Washington Township, NJ for over 80 years. Through this eight decade span we have made ourselves readily available to lend a helping hand in remembering those important to you. The first step to choosing a memorial is to understand what exactly a memorial is. Memorials are objects or structures that are built in order to carry the memories of a loved one after they have passed. It is through the construction of a memorial that you will have an opportunity to answer some of the lingering questions regarding his or her life. What was your family member’s greatest impact on the world? Which values were most important to him or her?  What did you learn from his or her life? These questions are a good place to start as they will help you decide you would like shown on the memorial.

The most basic memorials have the lifespan and name of the internment but it is quite common for more personal information to be displayed on the stone. Some choose to etch religious verses that were very important to their loved ones in. Furthermore, this can be taken a step further with the sand blasting of pictures, symbols, or patterns into the stone. The combination of quotes, patterns, pictures, and borders will create an exquisite memorial for years to come.  Any questions regarding memorials in Washington Township, NJ can be answered directly by calling Mancini Monuments today!

Mausoleums In Washington Township, NJ

The privacy offered by a mausoleum is second to none. This sense of intimacy that is maintained even after loss can have profound effects on its participants. In most burial site visits the friends and family walk to the memorial and stand or kneel while sharing a moment or two with the lost loved one. However, with a mausoleum you would instead walk inside and enjoy the privacy of four walls so that you may remain intimate. Furthermore, this privacy can ultimately inspire positive change and progression in visitors lives. This is because during visits you will feel more at home, open, and comfortable with your thoughts and feelings. Thus, you may begin the long but necessary road of acceptance.

 A mausoleum is a structure built with the purposes of housing the internments of one’s family. In other words it exists as an indoor burial site for families over time. These burial sites generally hold between ten and twenty four internments.  They may be forged on the outside with writings, pictures, designs, patterns, different colors, sculptures, urns, plaques, markers, and materials. This is why mausoleums are considered the most expansive type of monument to be made. There is such a tall list of different elements that can be combined so that you may create the final resting place that is most appropriate for your friends and family. If you are interested in a Mausoleum in the Washington Township, NJ area, please call Mancini Monuments today.

Bronze Plaques In Washington Township, NJ

scan13When it comes to choosing a monument to give your loved one there are many different paths you can take. Are you looking for something grand and royal in nature? Is something natural in appearance best for you? Are virtue, modesty, and simplicity traits that mean a lot? If so then a bronze plaque monument may be the best choice for you. Bronze plaques are the epitome humbleness, these smaller monuments are made to be raised low off the ground and angled for aesthetic purposes. The great thing about them is that Mancini Monuments of Washington Township can carve them into any shape and size you would like.

scan43While, bronze is not available in such a unique set of colors as granite there is still a range of shades which can be chosen from.  These plaques routinely are paired with a marker. Markers are the foundation of a monument. There are numerous types of them but for the most part ledgers, slants, bevels, and flushs are the most regularly used. The main difference between these four markers are the size and angle at which the plaque will be positioned. The angle makes a huge difference because it will adjust the way in which light reflects off of the plaque. Mancini Monuments is no stranger to the bronze plaque industry if you are in need of our assistance in Washington Township please get in contact with us today.

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