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Monuments for Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington NJ

Monuments for Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington NJ: A Guide to Memorial Options

Monuments act as enduring tributes to loved ones, marking their final resting places with dignity and respect. At Mancini Monuments, we understand the significance of commemorating the lives of those who have passed. Serving the community of North Arlington, NJ, including the esteemed Holy Cross Cemetery, our commitment extends through Bergen County, offering personalized memorials that honor the memories of individuals from all faiths.

Our expertise in creating high-quality monuments is reflected in our extensive selection available at our showroom. We craft upright headstone monuments, flat and slant markers, child markers, bronze plaques, and granite monuments, among others. We cater to a variety of preferences with single headstones, companion headstones, family headstones, and memorial benches, ensuring that every monument reflects the uniqueness of the life it represents.

Beyond the craftsmanship of exquisite monuments, we at Mancini Monuments provide comprehensive services from installation to routine maintenance. Our setting services guarantee secure placement within Holy Cross Cemetery, and our refinishing and restoration services breathe new life into older headstones, preserving the legacy of your loved ones with the utmost care and professionalism.

History and Significance

Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington, New Jersey, is more than just a resting place; it represents a deep connection to Catholic heritage and community history. It reflects the long-standing traditions of the Catholic Church and serves as a significant site within the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark.

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Establishment and Catholic Heritage

Holy Cross Cemetery was founded in 1915 to address the needs of Catholic families in Bergen County and the surrounding areas. Operated under the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark, this hallowed ground reflects the Church’s commitment to offer a final resting place that aligns with Catholic values and rites. The cemetery spans across 208 acres and is one of the largest Catholic cemeteries in the United States, showcasing the magnitude of its service to the faithful.

As a part of our commitment to preserving this heritage, Mancini Monuments serves as the dedicated provider of high-quality monuments tailored to the Catholic community’s traditions. Our scope of work includes crafting upright headstone monuments, grave markers, flat markers, slant markers, child markers, bronze plaques, granite monuments, and more. Each piece is designed with respect to the Catholic faith and the individuality of those memorialized.

We take great pride in our workmanship, with experienced artisans from Mancini Monuments creating pieces that honor lives lived and the faith that guided them. Our comprehensive services ensure that families receive compassionate support through every step, from selecting the right monument to its installation and future restoration or refinishing services for older headstones. Serving all of Bergen County, NJ, we ensure that every monument stands as a testament to both personal legacies and the collective story of the Catholic community in the United States.

Monuments and Memorials

Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington, NJ, offers a diverse range of monuments and memorials to commemorate loved ones. Our work at Mancini Monuments combines quality and craftsmanship to reflect the dignity of every life remembered.

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Types of Monuments

At Mancini Monuments, we offer a variety of monuments to suit individual preferences. Upright headstones are the most traditional and widely recognized type of monument, usually made from granite or stone. Flat markers, often referred to as grave markers, lie flat on the ground and provide a simple, elegant tribute. Slant markers, with their slanted faces, offer a compromise between a flat marker and an upright headstone. We also specialize in bronze memorials, which are commonly chosen for their durability and timeless appearance. For families, companion headstones and large family headstones can create a unified memorial space.

  • Upright Headstones: Traditional and prominent.
  • Flat Markers: Simple and harmonious with the ground.
  • Slant Markers: A blend of visibility and subtlety.
  • Bronze Memorials: Long-lasting with classic appeal.
  • Companion Headstones: For couples or partners.
  • Family Headstones: To honor multiple family members.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Our monuments are primarily constructed from granite and bronze, materials known for their enduring qualities and aesthetic versatility. Granite monuments are praised for their strength and the vast array of color options. Bronze, on the other hand, is celebrated for its fine detailing and historic feel. With advanced techniques, such as laser etching, we’re able to achieve intricately detailed designs and personalizations on both bronze plaque and stone alike. The quality of monument lettering is paramount at Mancini Monuments, ensuring each inscription is a lasting testament to the individual’s memory.


  • Granite: Durable with a broad color spectrum.
  • Bronze: Classic material with intricate detailing.

Craftsmanship Techniques:

  • Etching: Provides detailed personalization.
  • Lettering: Precision that honors each individual.

Memorial Services and Customization

We at Mancini Monuments understand that memorials are deeply personal. Therefore, we offer comprehensive memorial services to create tailored tributes, from civic memorials that commemorate community figures to individual markers and mausoleums. Customization options include everything from the type of monument to the style of lettering and images. Alongside new memorials, our restoration and refinishing services breathe new life into worn monuments, ensuring they reflect the intended honor and respect.

Customization Services:

  • Personalized engravings and bronze plaques.
  • Restoration and refinishing for existing memorials.

With Mancini Monuments, you are assured of finding the perfect way to honor your loved ones with the highest quality monuments and memorials, all provided with care and respect for those memorialized and their families.

Planning and Considerations

When arranging a memorial for a loved one at Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington, NJ, several key factors must be thoughtfully considered. These include selecting the right type of monument that honors your loved one, understanding the purchasing process, and the future maintenance and upkeep of the memorial.

Choosing a Monument

At Mancini Monuments, we offer a wide variety of custom-designed monuments to suit the personal preferences and the unique memories of your loved one. Our experienced team collaborates with families to select from upright headstone monuments, flat markers, or more intricate designs like memorial benches. We understand the importance of commemorating your loved one with a monument that reflects the love and respect they deserve.

Purchasing Process

Our family-owned business simplifies the purchasing process by guiding you through each step with personalized service. From choosing the material to the final design, we share our expertise to help you make the best decisions. We provide a detailed overview, including costs for materials, design, and installation services, ensuring no hidden fees are involved. It’s through this commitment that we ensure a straightforward and reliable purchasing experience.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Once a monument is set, maintenance and upkeep are vital to preserve its condition and legibility for years to come. At Mancini Monuments, we offer refinishing and restoration services for older headstones as well as ongoing maintenance for all the markers we install. We’re dedicated to ensuring the setting remains a fitting tribute and pledge a lasting commitment to the care of your family’s monument.

Visiting Holy Cross Cemetery

When planning a visit to Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington, NJ, it’s important to consider both the logistics of your trip and the reflective experience you may encounter. We’ll guide you through accessing the cemetery and how you might commemorate loved ones while there.

Location and Access

Holy Cross Cemetery is situated at 340 Ridge Road, North Arlington, NJ 07031, making it conveniently accessible to visitors from the local area and the broader tri-state region. The cemetery’s gates welcome family and friends who come to pay their respects to the interred within its compassionate embrace.

  • Address: 340 Ridge Road, North Arlington, NJ 07031
  • Nearby Areas: The cemetery is near Kearny, Belleville, and the wider Bergen County area.
  • Accessibility: The cemetery grounds are designed to be accessible to all visitors.

For those interested in monuments, Mancini Monuments is a reputable provider known for their quality and experience. They offer a wide variety of monument options such as upright headstones, slant markers, and memorial benches, serving all of Bergen County, NJ.

Reflecting on Remembrance

The serene surroundings of Holy Cross Cemetery provide a solemn space for remembrance. Visitors will find a variety of memorial options to honor the memory of their loved ones.

  • Monuments Provided by Mancini Monuments:
    • Types: Upright headstones, flat markers, slant markers, bronze plaques, and more.
    • Services: From installation to restoration, Mancini Monuments ensures each memorial is set up with care.

Our visit allows us to reflect on the poignancy of life and to cherish the memories of those laid to rest in Arlington Memorial Park and the adjoining grounds. Whether you find solace in silent contemplation by a grave or seek to express your love through a lasting tribute, we understand the importance of these moments.

Monuments for Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington NJ

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