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Headstone Store in Bergen county, NJ

double upright headstone in bergen county njUpon scheduling a meeting to visit our showroom, you’ll be able to see a large variety of monument styles. We have demos available in-person and an extensive catalog we’d be happy to review with you.

Mancini Monuments is Bergen County’s number one choice for custom headstones, tombstones, and grave markers. Similar to a memorial, a monument is a structure or object which is dedicated to the life of someone cherished and loved whom has passed on. For over 80 years, Mancini Monuments is a retailer with the sole purpose of serving the needs of those throughout Bergen County by crafting exquisite monuments in memoriam of a loved one’s life.

Custom granite headstone with lettering & engraved designWe realize that you have plenty of other options when it comes to entrusting a monument company in NJ with your project. This is something deeply personal and there simply isn’t any room for error. Between our staff, design consultants and manufacturing team, you can rest assured that there is no other company out there that will provide the same level of craftsmanship or attention to detail. We are deeply committed to every one of our customers and promise an effortless experience.

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All Types of  Headstones

In terms of shapes, styles, colors, lettering, etching or engraving options for headstones in Bergen County; the sky’s the limit. 

We have knowledgable staff, a highly talented design team, and the best stone carvers available. While other headstone dealers or stores may outsource most of the work, you can rest assured that every step in the process will remain 100% fluid between us. 

We design, build & set all headstones completely in-house for our clients and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Please have a look at photos of our past creations and imagine that you aren’t limited by anything. Crafting pristine memorial headstones has been in our company DNA for over eight decades.

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Single Upright Headstones

single upright monument These are designed, built and installed for a single plot. With up to 3 burials within one grave. We offer them in plenty of shapes, colors and sizes.

Double Upright Headstones

double stone headstone bergen county njAlso known as ‘Double Wide Monuments’ or ‘2 Wide Monuments.’ Double Stone monuments have been used traditionally for husband and wife, siblings, life partners and more. There is room of up to 6 burials within two plots. Mancini Monuments offer the same customization options including shape, size, color, designs and much more.

Triple WideHeadstones

Triple Wide or family headstoneTriple stone monuments have also gone under different names including ‘3 Wide,’ ‘Family Stone,’ and ‘Family Wide monuments.’ They can cover three plots wide with up to 6 burials. These are a traditional and lovely choice for those that would like to keep an entire family together. If desired, we can display the family name in large display lettering and even add additional, smaller grave markers as times goes by.

Slant Style Headstones

slant style headstone bergen county njSlant monuments or ‘slanted memorials’ are smaller grave marker tablets. Their front-face up-right appearance gives way for their naming. A 2″ flat area on the surface which can either be polished or rock-pitched is known as ‘nosing.’ While these are very similar in appearance, they’re available in two subtle configurations.

Full-Faced Slant monuments‘ are placed on a granite base within the cemetery. While the initial front-facing side may appear a bit smaller, you get more of a multi-faceted appearance due to the base. ‘Front Nosed Slant monuments‘ are a bit larger because there’s no need for a granite base. These are traditionally installed directly into a foundation.

Bench StyleHeadstones

bench style monument in bergen county njOne of the most exquisite types of memorials you can have created would be a granite memorial bench. Not only do they mark the grave of the deceased but serve as a calming, elegant resting place for visitors. We incorporate all kinds of etchings, engravings, and custom sculpting to help commemorate your loved one’s life and achievements.

When it comes to customization, the sky is the limit for personalizing. We can design and add imagery or symbols completely individualized to that special person. We do all stone-cutting locally and in-house. This means that you have a wide selection available to you in terms of shapes, styles and granite colors.

Angel ShapedHeadstones

angel shaped headstone in bergen county njThe imagery one would get from an angel is nothing short of pure peace and love. An angel’s role is as a protector or guide for people. What’s better or more fitting than to symbolize hope, trust, devotion, faith and purity? Our angel-shaped headstones are awe-inspiring and can be designed for a variety of settings.

The most common and popular with clients over time have been Angels resting over hearts in addition to clouds. We’ve added stones with multiple angels, multiple hearts, flowers, wreaths and more. It may be difficult to explain here but seeing an angel-shaped monument is something so grand it never ever gets old. These are some of the most majestic designs available anywhere.

Cross ShapedHeadstones

As two examples; the Christian cross and the Irish cross can symbolize peace, atonement, love, sacrifice and purity. We can add custom etchings and engravings which would further create a memorial built just for your loved one. If a cross is one area that you’d like to be considered, our stone cutters and design team can combine with other beautiful shapes. A cross with an angel, a heart, flowers, clouds and much more. You can also select from a large variety of granite colors. Exquisite lettering and illustrations that feature symbols or imagery can be added to convey religion, nationality, and anything else your loved one was known for in life.

Star of DavidHeadstones

Traditional, popular and contemporary, The Star of David headstones we provide are the perfect remembrance for those whom had a strong belief in Israel as a home to all Jewish people. Commonly used for males, we can go beyond the shape and further customize to your heart’s desire.

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